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Dedicated to Family and to our Customers in providing the highest level of service to each one of you.

DONACO Medical is a family-owned medical supply company based in Woodstock, GA, specializing in Catheters and Urological Supplies.  We, too, like so many of you, have experienced an accident that changed our lives forever.  On March 25, 2005, Cindy was home from college early one Friday.  It was Good Friday, a beautiful spring day.  She had just received a bathing suit in the mail, tried it on, and went outside to lay out in the driveway.  Her Dad, Jerry, came home from work for a quick lunch and drove up the driveway – not expecting Cindy to be there.  Our lives changed forever.

Cindy has faced and overcome many challenges of being paralyzed.  She had multiple UTIs, one after the next, and been placed on numerous antibiotics.  We spent relentless hours researching ways to minimize her UTIs.  She has used intermittent catheters, enclosed system kits, and now the “EZ Advancer” which has significantly minimized her UTIs.  She rarely has a UTI now and that’s amazing.  That led us onto another venture of opening a medical supply company that offers a variety of high quality urological products that can minimize UTIs.  

We are sincerely devoted in doing extensive research, keeping you informed and updated on new innovative urological products as they hit the market.  We want to be here for you.  Cindy’s and our vision is to see that each of you live your life independently with dignity and an aspiration to achieve your full potential and remember,

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”  Albert Einstein

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