"I struggled with UTIs for YEARS and used to think the products I got each month were the right ones for me.  I am so Thankful that Darlene at Donaco Medical came out to my house and showed me so many different types of catheters until I found the one that worked best for me.  I never knew about closed system catheters before, but now I have been using them for over a year and haven't had a UTI."  Michelle D - GA

"Hey Dallas it's Bryan. I just wanted to thank you for all your help this year with my supplies. I was hesitant to change from something I had for 10+ yrs but You and your mom really made things seamless and easy w/o missing a beat. My IC’s are even a better quality too. In fact, *** (who was one of the guys I told about you) just popped up on me the other day. Long story short, I told him that I had been trying to get a hold of him regarding his supplies. I showed him my supplies and he really liked the ICs. He was interested is swapping companies but was hesitant like myself. When I explained that I was hesitant like him but everything in the process was really easy and simple to swap over, he said he was ok to make the swap. I told him how helpful you were and if anything needed to be done, you'd help. Well,he said he was ready to swap. So he's all yours now! Haha I knew he'd swap but it's just a matter of being able to talk about it."                     Bryan J -  GA

Donaco staff is extremely polite and helpful.  They always follow up with you!
                                                                                                      Magina B.   GA

Everyone is always helpful, kind, and knowledgeable.  We very much appreciate you!
                                                                                                        Donald S.         GA
I am very pleased with Donaco Medical Supply and all their staff!  I always receive a call every month to check on me and make sure all my supplies are accurate and up to date. Very professional and caring people!  Thank you!              Cathy M.          GA

Everyone is so friendly!  I feel like they always give me their full attention. Everyone goes above and beyond to make sure we get what we need!  James and Dallas are awesome!                                                                                         Edwin G.          GA

I thank you for all your help and highly recommend Donaco Medical.  You and your staff solved all my questions and I am very satisfied with your service!                                                                                                                                   Jim N.              GA

Awesome group of folks!                                                                 Daisean S        GA

Couldn't be happier!! I tell people about Donaco Medical all the time!!! I wish I would have got my catheters through Donaco Medical long ago!  Excellent service!!
                                                                                                         Chris P             GA

Staff is great!! Very helpful and knowledgeable people!                   Madison K       GA

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