Intermittent Catheters

Self-Cath HydroGel®

The Self-Cath HydroGel is a hybrid catheter system that is easy and convenient to use. The proprietary micro-bead lubricant coating reduces urethral friction while the introducer tip aids in the reduction of bacterial contamination of the catheter during insertion. The ingenious built-in extension sleeve reduces the need for transfers and provides a means for contact free catheter usage. Latex-Free.


  • 100% Latex Free
  • Extension Sleeve
  • micro-bead lubricant coating

Item Numbers

  • MT9408 Self-Cath HydroGel, 8FR,
  • MT9410 Self-Cath HydroGel, 10FR,
  • MT9412 Self-Cath HydroGel, 12FR,
  • MT9414 Self-Cath HydroGel, 14FR,
  • MT9416 Self-Cath HydroGel, 16FR,

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