Intermittent Catheters

Apogee Intermittent Catheter - Firm

Apogee Intermittent Catheters are Sterile and intended for general catheterization, each catheter features ultra smooth eyelets that provide comfort during insertion and removal.

Apogee intermittent catheters are non-lubricated, come in sterile packaging and are designed to be used once and then discarded. Apogee intermittent catheters are made of a medical-grade PVC and have off-set polished eyelets to maximize the flow of urine.


  • Ultra Smooth Eyelets
  • Latex Free
  • Designed for comfort

Item Numbers

  • HO1018 Intermittent Catheter 8FR, 16" Length Firm
  • HO1034 Intermittent Catheter 10FR, 16" Length Firm
  • HO1048 Intermittent Catheter 12FR, 16" Length Firm
  • HO1064 Intermittent Catheter 14FR, 16" Length Firm
  • HO1082 Intermittent Catheter 16FR, 16" Length Firm
  • HO1096 Intermittent Catheter 18FR, 16" Length Firm
  • HO1016 Intermittent Catheter 8FR, 6" Length Firm
  • HO1033 Intermittent Catheter 10FR, 6" Length Firm
  • HO1047 Intermittent Catheter 12FR, 6" Length Firm
  • HO1062 Intermittent Catheter 14FR, 6" Length Firm
  • HO1020 Intermeittent Catheter 8FR, 10" Length Firm Luer End
  • HO1040 Intermittent Catheter 10FR, 10" Length Firm Luer End

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