Intermittent Catheters

Self-Cath® Pediatric

Self-Cath 10” pediatric intermittent catheters have been designed to accurately fit pediatrics.  They are available in sizes 5 to 10 French with a straight tip. 

The Self-Cath intermittent catheter pediatric olive tip coude with Guide StripeÒ is available in 6 to 10 French and Tapered Tip coude is available in sizes 8 to 10 French.  Coude style Pediatric Self-Cath intermittent catheters are 16” in length.  Also available are 8 and 10 French straight tipped Female Pediatric Self-Cath intermittent catheters, which are 6” in length.

The coude style Pediatric Self-Cath intermittent catheters feature a unique Guide Stripe®  which assures proper placement of the angled coude tip.  Like all Self-Cath intermittent catheters Pediatric styles are 100% Latex-Free, clear catheters with fire polished eyelets and a siliconized surface for smooth insertion.


  • Pediatric Sizes
  • 100% Latex Free
  • fire polished eyelets
  • siliconized surface for smooth insertion

Item Numbers

  • MT305 Self-Cath® Pediatric 5FR
  • MT306 Self-Cath® Pediatric 6FR
  • MT308 Self-Cath® Pediatric 8FR
  • MT310 Self-Cath® Pediatric 10FR

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